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WRI Stocks Up Stella's Shelter Fund

Wood River Insurance hosted a donation drive in November, benefiting Stella's Shelter Fund. 
With the help of our generous community, we collected Stella's Top 5 needed items:  

  1. Large Breed dog food
  2. Dry Cat food
  3. Gently used blankets or pet beds 
  4. Large dog collars and leashes 
  5. Toys!

Chad Howard chose Stella's Shelter Fund to support this quarter.  Chad says, "In our small happy little valley, we treat our pets like our own children.  We are extra lucky in having the Mountain Humane animal shelter. Unfortunately that is not the case in many of our neighboring communities. Many other animal shelters are grossly underfunded, and lack food and medical care.  Stella’s Shelter Fund collects money, food, and medical supplies and donates these items to surrounding animal shelter who are in need.  Stella’s has picked up the ball and is running with it!!

Learn About Stella's Shelter Fund
Around the state, a number of shelters are poorly funded and supported. Inspired by what they are able to do with so little, Stella's Shelter Fund works to expand our community's generosity beyond the Wood River Valley to enable shelters/rescues throughout Idaho to give all animals a chance to find their forever home.