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Spotlight On Success: KB's

“At KB’s, we are passionate about our work - and taking care of the health of the people.” Rodolfo Serva

Rodolfo Serva moved from his hometown village of Canchapalca in the Andes Mountains of Peru to Idaho when he was just a kid. His father moved the family to the US to work on the Cenarrusa farm in Carey. Since their farming days, Rodolfo and his four brothers have had multiple businesses in the Wood River Valley - always keeping it a family affair. The Servas' had a cleaning business, worked construction and framing, and started Rinconcita Peruano restaurant in Ketchum.

In 2012, Rodolfo bought the KB’s in Hailey and started another successful venture. Today there are five locations in four cities - with a new Pocatello location opening in January. KB’s also has a few food trucks that can be seen around town and at events all over Idaho. They pride themselves on using high quality ingredients and dedication to the food and the people.

KB's Locations:
Ketchum - Hailey - Twin Falls - McCall
Pocatello location opening in January!

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