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Alpine Tree Service

Spotlight On Success: Alpine Tree Service

Pat Rainey grew up moving all over the U.S., calling many different states and cities home, and frequently visited relatives in the Wood River Valley. When he finished high school, he packed up and drove from North Carolina to Idaho to start his new life in Blaine County.

In 1984, Pat started Alpine Tree Service out of the trunk of a 1978 Monte Carlo with just a single chainsaw. He knew this would be a great place to start a business and a home, and he was correct. Through blood, sweat and tears, they have come a long way from the Monte Carlo. Alpine Tree Service is now considered to be one of the largest tree care providers in the state of Idaho.

Over the past thirty years, Alpine Tree Service has survived two recessions and experienced immense expansion. They owe a great deal of their success to their amazing employees, who continually work hard to go above and beyond. The Alpine team cares a lot about our community and works hard every day to keep our valley a beautiful place to live.

Alpine Tree Service
21 Mercure Lane
Hailey, Idaho
(208) 788-4441

“Everyone automatically thinks of tree removal, but the number one thing we want focus on is tree care; so you don’t even get to the removal stage." Pat Rainey

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