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Flood Insurance

Don’t Get Caught Floating Without Flood Insurance!

Prepare for Spring with the National Flood Insurance Program
With so much snow fall this winter, rivers have the potential to flood in the spring and summer. Did you know that your standard homeowners insurance policy most likely does not cover flooding or water damage? Wood River Insurance helps homeowners throughout Idaho by providing flood insurance coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

What Is NFIP?
NFIP is a federally sponsored program aimed at decreasing the costly impact of flooding. The program offers affordable flood insurance coverage to both private and commercial property owners while also helping communities with 

floodplain management. This combination of risk management and affordable flood coverage helps communities in flood-prone areas by reducing the socio-economic impact of flood-related disasters. The maximum coverage on an NFIP flood insurance policy is $250,000 for Dwelling coverage and $100,000 for Personal Property. If you would like coverage above the maximum NFIP flood limits Excess Flood coverage is available for increased limits.

Don’t wait! There is a standard 30-day waiting period for coverage to begin. Your Wood River Insurance agent can help you determine what coverage type will best meet your individual needs. Call us today at 208.788.1100 to get started on your free flood quote!

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