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College Driver

Car Insurance Tips For College Students

If your child is in college or going to college soon, take some time to make sure your insurance needs are met and you are getting any discounts available to you.

Remember to Notify Your Car Insurance Company
Unless living at home with parents, you must notify your provider your child moved away to college. This applies even if they are leaving the car behind. Why? There are several reasons you need to let your insurer know:

  • Your car insurance company needs to know where your vehicle is primarily located.
  • Your child might be required to get their own separate policy when he/she moves out.
  • Your agent can let you know your insurance company’s specific policies. 
  • You (or your child) may become eligible for one or more discounts.

Check State Minimum Liability Requirements
Going to an out-of-state college? If your child plans to take their car with them, make sure your car insurance meets the new state’s insurance requirements.

Discounts for College Students and Parents
Resident Student Discounts
For example, some car insurance providers offer “resident student or youthful operator discounts” (usually to students who are attending college at least 100 miles away from their parents’ home and will NOT be driving while away).

Good Student Discounts
Finally, your child may still be eligible for good student discounts. They don’t always end after high school! If your child continues to get grades required for your company’s discount, you might be able to use the car insurance discount throughout college.

NOTE: Not all providers offer all of these discounts. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask—especially when it means you could save some cash!

To see if any of these discounts apply to you or to make sure your child’s insurance needs are met, call Wood River Insurance for a free policy review at 208.788.1100.


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