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Helping The Crisis Hotline

Your WRI Agents At Work In Our Community Helping The Crisis Hotline

Each semester, the Crisis Hotline sets up tables during lunch time in our schools to hand out valuable information as part of their Teen Outreach Program. For the past year, Wood River Insurance agents have been volunteering to help the Crisis Hotline reach out to the kids in our local schools.

The Teen Outreach Program takes place at Wood River Valley middle and high schools to educate our students on teen related issues such as bullying, date abuse, and teen suicide by providing handouts on all of these issues, including the warning signs of suicide.

Along with the handouts, we talk to students one-on-one to let them know that the Crisis Hotline is available to help them with any situation, 24/7, if they just need to talk to someone confidentially. All teens are encouraged by our volunteers, teachers and social workers to include the Crisis Hotline number in their cell phone.

Within our schools, the issues that teens may struggle with such as alcohol/drug use, bullying, peer pressure, depression, and sexual issues are increasing. Teen stalking, date rape and abuse are also on the rise. One of the Crisis Hotline’s strongest goals moving forward is to continue to foster that relationship with our youth and to let them know that they have options. How will that one choice they make at that one critical moment affect their lives and the lives of so many others?

Statistics show that 40% of kids attempting suicide make their first try in middle or even elementary school. Research suggests that kids who think about suicide are considering it long before previously assumed. About 1 in 9 children have attempted suicide before their high school graduation, but learning that they’re making plans as early as elementary school is especially chilling.

Idaho is 5th in the nation for teen suicides and suicide is the second leading cause of death for Idaho teens. The Crisis Hotline’s goal is to reduce this statistic. One of the most effective ways to prevent teen suicide is to recognize the signs of suicidal thoughts and feelings, and seek professional help.

Often teens are more apt to recognize changes in behavior among their friends and many share their emotions with each other through social media sites. Through the Teen Outreach Program information tables at the schools, we are able to encourage teens to call for help if they see a friend in crisis or if they need help themselves.

The Crisis Hotline was founded in 1987 and is located in Blaine County, Idaho. It is staffed by trained volunteers who go through an in-depth training program on a broad spectrum of topics. The Crisis Hotline networks with other agencies – acting as a clearinghouse for services offered by a variety of state and local groups. Particularly in rural areas where clients may be less aware of available services, a call to the hotline can put the individuals in touch with the nearest support system. Find more information at If you or someone you know needs help, call the Crisis Hotline: 208-788-3596.