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Health Insurance Deadlines

Time is winding down for health insurance

With the busy holiday season, don’t forget to address your health insurance needs!

The February, 2015 open enrollment deadline is coming up fast! No matter your age or current coverage situation, please review the dates listed below to find out if you need to call or come in to see Rhiana Macaya Mitchell to secure or update your coverage. Remember, your plan must be chosen by the 15th of the month prior to your health insurance effective date.

Open Enrollment Reminder
The Open Enrollment Period or OEP is November 15th though February 15th for new individual or family plans both ON and OFF of the Health Insurance Marketplace. This is also the same period of time that a current health insurance enrollee may make a change to their plan and/or the health insurance carrier they currently have coverage with.

Outside of qualifying for a Special Enrollment Period or SEP due to a qualifying life event (loss of employer coverage, permanent move, marriage, birth, etc.) this is the ONE time per year that coverage may be purchased or altered.

NOTE - If you were one of the many Idahoans to receive a tax credit in 2014 to help lower your monthly health insurance costs, you will have dates to remember and information to provide. As Idaho transfers from the federal technology to Idaho’s own technology not all household data will be transferred from to

To ensure that Your Health Idaho processes your tax credit eligibility for 2015, you need to provide updated information. Please respond to any notice you receive from Idaho Department of Health and Welfare as they assist Your Health Idaho with this collection of information. Call Rhiana Macaya Mitchell with any questions or concerns about this process.

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